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03/10/15: Yawl Hillbilly takes 5th place in the CEI3* 160km at Madine, FRA

                Eksar takes 2nd place in the CEIYJ2* 120km at Madine, FRA

01/08/15: YH Pollyana completes her first 80km

31/05/15: YH Maverick wins the CEIYJ** 120km at Kings Forest ridden by Bella Fricker

08/03/15: The season is underway, Yawl Hill Pollyanna & Eskar have done their first ride of the season at Tilford.
22/11/14:  Ekar awarded 5,600km, Yawl Hillbilly & Ishtar Spirit awarded 2,400km, Yawll Hill Kyla & Yawl Hill                             Maverick awarded 400km, Yawl Hill Pollyana 2nd in the Snowlflake Trophy (for Junior rider distances                        under 45km), & 6th in the overall Junior Championship with rider Saffron Bishop. Good effort team!

05/10/14:  Yawl Hill Polly completes another two-day 50 mile ride at Red Dragon, coming second in the Little Egg

07/09/14:  Yawl Hill Polly completes 40km with a final heart rate of 38 at an average speed of over 13kmph.

               Yawl Hill Maverick completes another 80km gaining a Grade 2. 

31/08/14: Yawl Hill Polly completes her first two-day 50 mile ride

09/08/14:  Yawl Hill Maverick is 1* qualified

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