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02/10/2016 Yawl Hill Maverick finishes 4th in the 160km two day Red Dragon ride at Builth Wells  and takes the best Homebred Trophy in what were typical Welsh wet conditions.

03/10/15: Yawl Hillbilly takes 5th place in the CEI3* 160km at Madine, FRA

                Eksar takes 2nd place in the CEIYJ2* 120km at Madine, FRA

01/08/15: YH Pollyana completes her first 80km

31/05/15: YH Maverick wins the CEIYJ** 120km at Kings Forest ridden by Bella Fricker

08/03/15: The season is underway, Yawl Hill Pollyanna & Eskar have done their first ride of the season at Tilford.
22/11/14:  Ekar awarded 5,600km, Yawl Hillbilly & Ishtar Spirit awarded 2,400km, Yawll Hill Kyla & Yawl Hill                             Maverick awarded 400km, Yawl Hill Pollyana 2nd in the Snowlflake Trophy (for Junior rider distances                        under 45km), & 6th in the overall Junior Championship with rider Saffron Bishop. Good effort team!

05/10/14:  Yawl Hill Polly completes another two-day 50 mile ride at Red Dragon, coming second in the Little Egg

07/09/14:  Yawl Hill Polly completes 40km with a final heart rate of 38 at an average speed of over 13kmph.

               Yawl Hill Maverick completes another 80km gaining a Grade 2. 

31/08/14: Yawl Hill Polly completes her first two-day 50 mile ride

09/08/14:  Yawl Hill Maverick is 1* qualified

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